Vascular Conditions

People often think about what they can do to improve the appearance of their skin. Over time, skin may develop different coloring, particularly red, which can be corrected using our vBeam laser. The vBeam Perfecta pulsed dye laser is excellent for broken blood vessels on the cheeks, nose and chin. Cherry angiomas, or red spots that develop on the trunk of the body, are also  treated using this laser. Thick scars, red scars, spider angiomas, mottling of the neck and red stretch marks can all be treated using the vBeam.

The vBeam works by selectively heating only the most superficial blood vessels in the skin and causing them to disappear. The yellow laser light produced by the device only heats blood and does not heat the rest of the skin. As a result, bruising can occur, but this is not permanent and will likely mean a better result. However, bruising is not always necessary for great results. The vBeam is not very painful and does not require numbing cream prior to treatment.


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