Picosure by Cynosure

Remove Tattoos at a Faster Rate Than Ever Before   

Picosure-by-CynosureErase your tattoo with laser treatment. Cynosure’s technology consists of the industry gold standard and is the most advanced laser treatment for safe and effective removal of tattoos, targeting unwanted ink more effectively than any other treatment. PicoSure is the first and only picosecond laser that clears tattoos faster than ever before.

Treatment with laser tattoo removal causes the ink to break down into smaller particles which are then absorbed by the body.

Here’s what to expect during a tattoo removal procedure:

  • Treatments are typically every 4–8 weeks. Your doctor will tell you how long to wait between appointments based on progress made and your skin type.
  • Cooling, local anesthesia, or a numbing solution may be used to minimize discomfort. Your doctor may use additional methods during your session as well.
  • After your procedure:
  • Treated areas may swell somewhat and turn red but usually only for a few hours.
  • Between treatments, be sure to keep the area out of the sun and covered.
  • Your doctor will give you additional tips for care during your appointment.
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